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Janet Damita Jackson was born on May 16, 1966 and is the last born in a family of ten that also includes the famous Jackson 5 Band that ruled the pop music scene in the 80’s. She is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress and dancer who has been in the entertainment limelight for the better part of the last 30 years. She first began her career as an actress in the 1970’s during which time she featured prominently in several television series, including The Jacksons (1976) as well as Fame and The Good Times. But it was not until 1982 that she officially began her career in music when she signed a new recording contract with A&M Records. Four years later in 1986 she released her third studio album titled Control with the same outfit and it was this album that found her a place as a major pop icon. In the intervening years she collaborated with other artists working in other music genres and became a popular crossover artist in the process. She then went on to sign two record breaking contracts with Virgin Records, with the first one coming through in 1991. Her debut album under the new label, Janet, was released in 1993 and set her up not only as one of the highest paid artists within the industry but also as a sex symbol. Before the decade came to a close, Janet had come to be regarded as its second most successful artist after release a few more albums. All for You (2001) and Discipline (2008) were two of her other big albums that were released under Virgin Records before she decamped to Island Records in 2008. Thanks to her amazing albums, Janet was placed by Billboard at position 7 in the list of the Top 100 All Time Top Artists. Her last album, Unbreakable, was released in 2015 under her own record label, Rhythm Nation which she formed in partnership with BMG Rights Management.

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